Cataract surgery accommodating lens

If you are nearing the age for cataract surgery and want a reliable vision correction solution premium lens implants might be a good idea.Premium lens implants have been helping people over 40 and cataract aged patients have the active lifestyle they had when they were younger.

The specialty lenses offer patients the opportunity for greater independence from glasses after surgery.

In fact, most of our daily lives are lived in the intermediate, also known as "lifestyle vision." Activities falling within our "lifestyle vision" include: For those struggling with presbyopia and cataracts, there is a new option to the traditional, standard IOLs used to replace the eye's natural lens: the Crystalens®.

As the most advanced intraocular lens available, the Crystalens® is the only accommodative, or naturally focusing, lens available today.

There are some lenses, however, that aim to bridge the gap between multifocals and monofocals and allow more vision at different distances while minimizing visual side effects.

Here’s a look at the mechanism of action and current results of these devices.

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