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Get-Mailbox Folder Permission homeetingroom1:\Calendar Runspace Id : 8706cde4-2cb5-4519-9a46-a46fcc0c450c Folder Name : Calendar User : Default Access Rights : Identity : Default Is Valid : True Runspace Id : 8706cde4-2cb5-4519-9a46-a46fcc0c450c Folder Name : Calendar User : Anonymous Access Rights : Identity : Anonymous Is Valid : True When creating a new meeting request users are now able to see more details about the meeting organizer.You can modify all the default permissions on Room mailboxes with the following commands in the Exchange Management Shell.By default Microsoft sets the Calendar Entries to show as Free or Busy when viewed by other people.Please follow the instructions below to set Free/Busy options.See the following screen shot: Step 4: It’s optional.This document is written to show how to set the Free-Busy options for the Outlook email clients.

You can apply that same permission in the Exchange Management Shell using the Set-Mailbox Folder Permission cmdlet (note: Set-Mailbox Folder Permission modifies an existing entry, whereas Add-Mailbox Folder Permission would be used to add a new entry to the permissions).This is caused by the default permissions on the mailbox's calendar.These default permissions are set to show only the availability information (eg free, busy, tentative) but not any other details.Set permission for viewing Free/Busy information in Outlook 20 Set permission for viewing Free/Busy information in Outlook 2007 Note: The permission for view Free/Busy information will share part of information in your Microsoft Outlook with other users, and it requires your email account is an exchange one.This method will show you how to set or change the permission lever for others viewing your free and busy information easily in Microsoft Outlook 20.

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