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She began in bottom of the barrel porno magazines like Hustler and Beaver Hunt before transitioning into low-budget lesbian films such as the hardcore Leather & Lace series and Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes amateur pornos shot in his bedroom.In her lesbian films, Racquel typically played the pretty girl being seduced by an older, rougher lesbian or butch gal(s).This is the largest known list of its kind, so Enjoy!

Racquel Darrian has powerful magnetic relationships with those she cares about, and she could become emotionally obsessed by another person.

Racquel also began making straight films with her future husband, Derrick Lane.

However, tired of only one partner, she finally put her foot down and insisted on letting other men do scenes with her.

Although initially known for doing heterosexual sex scenes, P. eventually began to insist that her male partners use condoms in order to avoid ...

The guy who was fucking Racquel Darrian after she got rid of Derrick was BLACK! Guy who was fucking Racquel Darrian after divorce from Derrick was BLACK! She also talked about black dick in her Velvet magazine sex column. Some dude kept asking her if it was true she'd been paid to fuck a bunch of black guys at an NBA party.

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Ironically, in the years that followed, Racquel would eventually have openly gay relationships off-screen, most notably with Savannah and later, lesbian porn icon, Felicia.

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