Accommodating cultural diversity

Introduction Many of you will have seen some advertisements not long ago from Beyond Blue’s Stop. The advertisements were aired to raise awareness about the harms of racism against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A man sits next to an Aboriginal youth in a shopping centre – only for a man, the so-called invisible discriminator, to whisper in his ear: ‘Are you sure you want to be there? The next scene, we see a woman walk into a corner shop getting herself a pint of milk: the invisible discriminator emerges to whisper in the shopkeeper’s ear: ‘Are you sure you know what she’s doing?

campaign, which highlighted the presence of ‘the invisible discriminator’.

More importantly, Diversity At Work will train your company to successfully operate and integrate among these new and diverse markets.

We are delighted to announce that as of January 1, 2017, the A. Decades of close cooperation between the two organizations enable us to recommend each other to you with unqualified confidence. We invite you to visit us at and at Seattle Pacific University using spu.and Montana State University using msu.With your support and the addition of these two A. We celebrate this change and are eager to share it with you.’Those advertisements may have been aimed at raising awareness about racism for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but their content are applicable to cultural diversity more generally. Do you think this candidate really has the right fit?Could you imagine, really imagine, this person managing this project?’ Then you have a woman stepping onto a bus: the bus is almost full, there’s one seat free next to an elderly Aboriginal man who picks up his bag to make the seat vacant.But the invisible discriminator tells this young woman: ‘Don’t make eye contact.’ The young woman declines to take the seat and remains upstanding on the bus.

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The findings further solidify our understandings of the benefits cultural diversity brings to the workplace and confirms the important role that plays in cherishing and celebrating that diversity.

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