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Not having to pay for this site was what we hated most. But we know you can’t truly find someone decent without paying a few bucks to meet them.Online dating is something you should invest a little money in.Not only did we fail to meet women on, the site was annoying.Too high of a male to female ratio and the advertisements were just plain irritating. When we started reviewing these dating sites, we promised ourselves we would give each site a full 12-week review and that we would send out 5 emails per day on each site.The free dating sites are enticing because they’re free, but all you really do is waste your time. For those above age 21, you’ll find the site very immature. Trashy women that are just looking to get laid…if they’re looking for anything at all. Since the site is free, you’ll come across women that sign-up with no real intention to meet someone.Do you know what you get when crossing Facebook with an online dating site? An easy to use, hard to pronounce dating site, with lots possibilities for people who want to meet others, develop a lifelong relationship and find their one and true soulmate.To keep this resource 100% free for users, we receive advertising compensation from the sites listed on this page.

I was told over and over by their rep that she was telling me all she is permitted to tell me, which was nothing. Got each other's cell numbers so that went on for 24 hours...

Want to know of a dating site that has tons of very good looking and classy women that YOU can meet?

has long been known as the top free online dating site.

Before you get all excited about not having to pay to online date, you need to read this review. What you don’t pay for on this is a garbage dating site.

The reason we didn’t have any success on is directly related to this being a free dating site. We didn’t rank it in our Top 5 because it didn’t deserve to be.

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I couldn't get into my profile and sent a message to customer services, which was never replied to.

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