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Dancing has always been one of his favorite activities, and when he decided he wanted to try becoming an idol, he spent much of his childhood in dance studios and attending dance classes. (And maybe we’re a little biased, but we think he’s getting pretty good!

looks set to conquer the ratings with its intriguing plot.

Sohyun’s friends have often proven that her cooking skills are great on their Facebook. And then he said he likes a girl wearing all black style. With his killer smile and effortless choreography, Jin Young is definitely an idol making an impact on today’s K-Pop scene.

But it is too soon to point out the exact reason , as it has aired only four episodes till date.

When the lead actress has gigantic tear-filled eyes within three minutes of the drama starting, you know the melodrama touted as a potential weepfest is going to deliver exactly that.

To say that TDP and I are not mixing well is an understatement.

Soo Ae plays the lead role, Hong Nari, an air stewardess who suddenly finds herself living with a stepfather she didn’t know existed – and he’s three years younger than her.

Two episodes in (and a lot of previews), and we’re reminded of Because you can expect nothing else from Soo Ae, who slays every role given.

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