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Reynolds continued to offer a sterling silver bell option throughout the 1950s and early ’60s.

The basic sterling silver bell (model 53) had an added “Sterling” word engraved below the large “Reynolds” script, while the deluxe engraving style (models 51, 52) added the fancy filigree and hand-burnished gold inlay that set those models apart.

Dezember 2017 erfolgt im Innenstadt-Netz die Umstellung auf das Netz 2018, abgestimmt auf die Bauarbeiten im Bereich der Haltestelle Staatsgalerie.

Der Stadtbahntunnel zwischen Staatsgalerie und Charlottenplatz ist im Netz 2018 wieder befahrbar.

) is a device for measuring the change in sea level relative to a datum.

Sensors continuously record the height of the water level with respect to a height reference surface close to the geoid.

In conjunction with these changes (and with the introduction of the Contempora and Emperor models), the Reynolds trumpet began to be designated as the “Professional” model. In addition, the main bell engraving changed to a lengthwise script that simply says “Reynolds” and product catalogs subsequently refer to them as “Professional” models.

Of the different variants listed above, only [D] appears to have been retained, now listed as model nos. Reynolds Professional B♭ Trumpet | Body: brass bell, valve cluster; nickel-silver leadpipe, upper valve casings (balusters) and outer valve slides | Valves: top-loaded, inner-spring, solid nickel-silver valve pistons | Finish: clear lacquer; silverplate optional Reynolds trumpets made c.1952 and later are marked “Made by Roth-Reynolds” instead of “F. Serial number 30000 marks a general introductory point of these changes.

Daher ändern sich die Fahrstrecken der Stadtbahnlinien U9 und U14.To discuss an opportunity with Digital Ventures, please contact the team - [email protected] Leading real estate media and services business - providing residential, commercial and rural property marketing solutions and search tools, plus information for buyers, investors, sellers, renters and agents Australia-wide.Domain can be accessed via multi-award winning mobile and tablet apps, at au, and in metropolitan, community and regional newspapers.Model numbers and serial number dating are not available for Reynolds’ earliest trumpets, making it difficult to accurately put together a production timeline.Because actual model numbers are not available, I’ve grouped the examples below by the physical materials of their construction — primarily by which combination of parts were made of nickel silver and which were brass — as well as by engraving patterns. These instruments have a silverplate finish with a different engraving style from Reynolds’ standard models and a large “U. The USAAF trumpet also has a slightly larger bell diameter (4-7/8″ vs.

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