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While just about everyone familiar with Scripture has heard of the beautiful Queen Esther, few know of Vashti, the “other queen,” whose defiance set in motion the events that would allow Esther to rise to power and save the Jewish people. At the height of his glory and wealth, King Xerxes threw a lavish, multi-day banquet for all the nobles of his court.

Servants were told to give each man as much as he wished, and as the days wore on, the party grew wilder and wilder.The King chose Esther, an orphan daughter of a Benjamite named Abihail.Esther was originally named Hadassah, meaning myrtle.On the seventh day, when Xerxes was “in high spirits from wine,” he commanded the seven eunuchs who served him to bring Queen Vashti to the garden.He wanted to display her body before all the men of the court, for she was “beautiful to behold.” Early Jewish interpreters suggested that Xerxes wanted Vashti to strip naked of all but her crown; others disagree.

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