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There is a slightly larger, but still small, percentage of women who prefer to date a bisexual man.And the vast majority of women in between do not give a toss if the man is straight or bisexual or pansexual, as long as he treats them well, is a good relationship partner, and meets their needs.Image: Vicky Leta/Mashable “No, I wouldn’t date him cause I can’t picture dating a guy who has sex with men,” my friend says in a text message.

After that, all she had to say about him was negative even though he was very respectful.

He didn’t have to reveal he was bisexual, but he chose to be open and transparent with her.

She felt uncomfortable dating someone who has kissed men or had sex with men.

He quickly messaged her and expressed interest in going out to lunch with her.

She was excited because she thought he was attractive and went to the school she recently transferred to.

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