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You are in for some rough reading, but it will not hurt you, I promise :-)A secular Jew, writing to expose the New Age agenda to massacre all Jews, also described how the New Age spiritualists were drawing in Christians.

Adolescents spent, on average, 9 h/d of their waking time (66–71% and 70–73% of the registered time in boys and girls, respectively) in sedentary activities.Adolescents eat half of the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables and less than two-thirds of the recommended amount of milk and milk products but consume more meat and meat products, fats, and sweets than recommended.For beverage consumption, sugar-sweetened beverages, sweetened milk, low-fat milk, and fruit juice provided the highest amount of energy.In 2000, she again took role of contralto vocals in their second album Profoundemonium, which was last album to feature Helena.Soon after, she was replaced by Cathrine Paulsen in May of that year.

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