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"Be it girls far too young to even consider something like that, mothers who have children who may or may not be married already, men, boys, everybody." It doesn't hurt your popularity if your latest album debuted at No. Their previous album, their 2003 major-label debut, , went platinum in the US (1 million copies sold).The band's fan club, the Despair Faction, is said to number more than 20,000, and Havoc still tries to meet fans after shows.Originally used to describe a sect of ’80s punk bands who played “emotional” hardcore (or “emocore” if you want to break the seal on throwing around suffixes), it can be confidently applied to Fugazi-related Washington, D. But modern emo — the emo known to a generation of faithful Hot Topic shoppers — saturated the mainstream in the early 2000s and basically tied together a disparate range of genres that had more to do with being aesthetically, not musically, similar.Whether it was referring to the acoustic pinings of Dashboard Confessional or the post-hardcore “screamo” of bands like Thursday, the emo label could essentially be slapped on any music that expressed emotional pain (which, if you ask Nick Hornby, is basically everything).Night club or place where dust from the experience with online dating single girls and ladies to find.

"We were teens in the Eighties, and that's the kind of music that we all grew up on.

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' "I was like, 'OK, great, see you in a few years.' " Havok started AFI (A Fire Inside) as a hardcore band in California in 1991 with drummer Adam Carson.

The albums since 1999's have become increasingly more melodic, but Havok says he never encounters animosity between their hardcore fans and those who discovered them later on.

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