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Her son, Wyatt Rewoldt, middle, was shaken and permanently disabled by her ex-husband's girlfriend when he was 1 year old (he's now 4).

That woman had two previous child abuse convictions but Hammel was unable to find those records and couldn't convince the courts to limit the woman's access to her son.

Three mothers whose children were abused — including two whose kids were hurt by the same woman — pleaded with lawmakers on Tuesday to create a public registry of convicted abusers.

But at least one lawmaker remained skeptical that a new registry was the best approach and wondered if instead the state should make it easier for the public to access existing criminal records.

Danielle Birnbohm lived in the dorm room next to Tyler Clementi and Dharun Ravi on Busch Campus at Rutgers.

Reports say that Ravi tapped into his computer's webcam from the computer of student Molly Wei and broadcast a gay encounter between Clementi and another man over the internet.

PQRST-U (assessing pain) Provoke – what provokes the pain?

The family is heartbroken beyond words," Clementi’s family said in a statement. SOCRATES (assessing pain) Site – where is the pain? Please use the comment box below to suggest your own first aid mnemonics. Severity – how bad is the pain on a scale of 0 – 10 SALTAPS (assessment of the injured player) Stop Ask – questions about the injury Look – at the injury Touch – feel for tenderness Active movement Passive movement Stand – can they weight bear? Exacerbating and relieving factors – anything make it better or worse?

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