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Sex education is important on the part of children and adults, to protect them and society as a whole.Sex education can help keep away exploitation, abuse, unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. But what's really true about our sexual behaviour — and what's nothing more than myth? These are questions that fascinate every generation.The incident is said to have taken place opposite the headquarters of the local education authority, sparking unfounded rumours the pair were teachers.

All in all, sex education is an educational measure that centres on sex.

It starred Best Actress-nominated Eleanor Parker as initially-naive, teenaged newlywed Marie Allen - sentenced for being an accomplice to armed robbery (of ) of a gas station, and placed in the Illinois Women's State Prison.

Her equally-young husband Tom was killed during the crime, and she soon found out that she was pregnant after a physical exam (the suspicious infirmary nurse asked bluntly: "Say, you expectin' company? The facility was run by sadistic and corrupt guard/matron Evelyn Harper (Hope Emerson), who read romance magazines and ate caramels. I thought you were class, like a real high note you hit once in a lifetime.

It can be defined as set of instructions in various psychological, physiological and sociological aspects of sex and reproduction.

It enlightens one about sexual orientation, intimacy, values, decision making, dating, relationships, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), birth control and more.

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